Anni earned her BFA and MFA in painting from the College of Art, Delhi. Her works are based on observations about the inherent design/ spontaneous order in nature. She is interested in exploring the ways of making time visible. She is concerned about the possibilities of studying forms in nature and altering their appearance, so that, her visuals become located between physical and spiritual reality. Questions about dimensionality, flatness, scale, movement, space and time continuum, materiality and the possibility for non-representational visual vocabulary are central to her practice.

Inspired by a maxim of the “observer and the observed” in Quantum Mechanics, which states that the viewer can alter the consequence of an event by merely being an observer. She attempts to gauge the perception, importance and connotations of objects in different class/caste and gender hierarchies and their expression in vernacular texts.

Anni Kumari

Born 04th Sep 1983, Jamshedpur, India

Lives and works in Ghaziabad, UP, India.


MFA (Painting) College of Art, New Delhi, 2013

BFA College of Art, Delhi, 2011.

2016: ABOUTTURN: Is the female point of view essentially feminist, Alliance Francaise, Gurgaon
2016: Ideas Travel faster than light at Niv Art Centre and India Habitat Centre as part of PUBLICA, Floodlight Foundation, New Delhi
2015: Things Happen all the time, curated by Jasone Miranda Bilbao at Niv Art Centre, New Delhi
2015: The many faces of Human Dignity, Fusion Studio, New Delhi
2014: FLAT 9, curated by Jasone Miranda Bilbao resident at Niv Art Centre, New Delhi
2012: AIFACS Annual Art Exhibition, New Delhi
2011: Ravi Jain Memorial Art Exhibition, Dhoomimal Art Gallery, New Delhi
2009: Camlin Northern Region Exhibition, New Delhi
2006: Short Film Festival, Kolkata
2005: Beyond Borders Festival, British Council, New Delhi
1998: United Nations Exhibitions Programme, Atlanta, USA