Second hand images filtered through the media exert a powerful influence on our perception of reality.  The distinctions between model/copy, mediated experience/tangible reality are all but blurred - this is where my journey begins.  I exploit painting’s resilience as a medium to convey the multi-layered experience of contemporary life.  It’s more an intellectual practice than an instinctive one, where texts and puns have vital roles.  I deliberately leave my canvases white or off-white to underscore the object hood of the canvas, but ultimately the conceptually framed images become more important than the conventional figure-ground relationship.  I build on the legacies of pop, minimalism and conceptual art in a post-colonial milieu, where truth and reality are not as truthful and real as they may appear.

Jayanta Roy


Jayanta Roy

Born: 01-10-1973, Kolkata, (lives & works in Kolkata)
Education: BVA Sculpture, Govt College of Art & Crafts, Kolkata, 1997

Last five years Exhibition & Participation:


  •         Participated at London Art Fair with Beers Contemporary Gallery.


  •         Included for the book entitled ‘the Hundred Painters of Tomorrow’- An initiative by Thames & Hudson publication, London
  •         Group exhibition at Christie's London
  •         Group exhibition at Beers Contemporary, London


  •        Group exhibition at Abadi  Art Space, New Delhi


  •         Group Exhibition at Gandhara Art Gallery, Kolkata


  •        “B-Swarga” solo show at Nature Morte (New Delhi), Bose Pacia(Kolkata) and Lakeeren(Mumbai)
  •        Group show at Nature Morte , New Delhi
  •       “Some Ice-bergs Easy to Avoid” at Bose Pacia, New York


  •          3 men show at the Gallery Nature Morte, Delhi,
  •          “Black & White”, at Tao Art Gallery


  •          “Art addressing violence” , an exhibition at the Somokal Art Gallery
  •          An exhibition of paintings “Dynamic stillness” at Gallery Kanishka, Kolkata
  •          Group show at Aakriti Art Gallery, Kolkata
  •          Group show at Gallery Nakshatra


  •         Received Pollock-Krasner Grant, 2013, USA
  •         Awarded Junior Fellowship from Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India, 2011-12, New Delhi
  •         Certificate of Merit Award from Academy of Fine Arts, 2002, Kolkata,India
  •         State Academy Award, 2000,Kolkata,India
  •         AIFACS Award,1997, New Delhi,India
  •         Raja Ram Venkatappa Scholarship, 1996, Karnataka,India
  •         AIFACS Scholarship,1996, New Delhi, India


Jayanta Roy

Jayanta Roy