Manil & Rohit - "While we both were drunk one evening, we decided to paint our studio wall. Manil pushed Rohit to scribble on the wall, to which Manil further added his bit. What came out together for us was magic, and that was when we decided there was something special in store.  However, before that, we both agreed to spend a lot of time together at the studio working, experimenting and creating."

Our work essentially deals with issues of life & existentialism as a whole, albeit looked at through the goggles of humour, fun and satire. We strongly believe that what we are as individuals must reflect in our art. It’s like living our art. Thus, what we create must be closer to us as issues and ideas that affect our lives. We don't go about looking at our work as 'projects', or formally pick our subjects that might be trending. We pick out what matters to us, comprehensively.

We feel strongly about man’s relationship with nature, its surroundings, the ideas of the matrix, illusion, the ideas of power, control, the system and our engagement with it. Having said that, we look at our work as a piece of expression, which must stimulate its audience, and this is where we create a medley of these ideas, presented with a powerful palette of colours. We want to create hope and not despair through our work. We certainly don’t believe that one piece of canvas can change the world, but we believe that one piece of canvas can definitely stimulate the viewer to introspect or bring him pleasure.

Manil Rohit

Manil Gupta
Born 1978, Meerut, UP, India
Education: 2003, BFA (Applied Art), College of Art, New Delhi

Rohit Gupta
Born 1985, Lucknow, India
Education: 2006, BA(Hons) English, Delhi University

Live and work in New Delhi

Solo Exhibitions:

2013 - The MR Carnival, Solo Presentation, United Art Fair

2012 - Eco-Friendly Hornification, Solo show of paintings, Contemplate, Coimbatore

2011 - Eco-Friendly Hornification, Solo show of paintings, Seven Art Ltd., New Delhi

Group Exhibitions:

2015 - And Still I Rise – CSSG, Instituto Cervantes, Delhi

2015 - Go Tell It On The Mountain – Pune Biennale, Pune

2014 - Canvas for Life 2 – Oberoi, Gurgaon
2013 - Group Show – Nature Morte, Oberoi Gurgaon

2013 - Let Me Live 2 – Nature Morte, Oberoi Gurgaon

2013 - Canvas for Life – Oberoi, Gurgaon

2013 - Media Fluorishes –  Preview show, United Art Fair at Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi

2013 - India Art Fair –  with Peter Burke
2012 - India Art Fair – Nature Morte

2012 - Art Chennai – Nature Morte

2012 - The Nerves Under Your Skin – Nature Morte, Oberoi Gurgaon


2014 - The New Creative India – Conceptualised, Curated and Hosted the first Indian television show featuring the best in Indian Art, Design & Fashion. Aired on channel NDTV Goodtimes in July-Aug

2013 - The Dustbin Project - Delhi Street Art in collaboration with NDMC, Lodhi Gardens, Delhi

2012 - The Holographic Love Machine – Public Art Car Project


Manil Rohit

Manil Rohit