Sidharth (born 1956 Punjab)

a sign board painter

training in Fresco painting from local artisans in Punjab.

Learnt Thangka painting techniques from the Tibetan Monks in Dharamsala.

Diploma in painting from college of art Chandigarh,

the techniques of Madhubani paintings and Kashmir paper Mache crafts from master crafts persons.

25 solo shows

participated in a 149 group shows And in International Art fairs in India, UK, Sweden, USA, Singapore and Hong Kong since 1976.

-Honorary D-Lit from Punjabi university,

-Amrita Shergill award from Chandigarh lalit kala akademi

and awards for painting from Punjab lalit kalaAkademi, Himachal and Bharat Bhawan etc

An author, a documentary filmmaker, sculptor and a painter, produces his own organic pigments from natural vegetable, minerals, earth and organic sources.




Born 1956 Punjab India


Fresco painting techniques from local artisans in Punjab.

Tibetan thangka painting, from the Tibetan Monks in Dharamshala. Diploma in painting from college of art Chandigarh.

Glass blowing, Oreforsh, Sweden

Techniques of Madhubani paintings and Kashmir paper Mache crafts from master crafts persons.


25 One man shows of drawing, paintings. Paper- Mache sculptures and installations, in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai,Telford (UK), Washington, London, Durban, Sweden and Trondheim Kunst Museum Norway


Participations in 154 national and international group shows in India and abroad

International and National Art fairs –

-Epicenter Gurgaon India – 2009 -2010 -2011

-Bangaluru art fair Banglore India -2011

-Mumbai Art fair Mumbai – 2009, 2010

-India Art fair -2008, 2010, 2011, 2012,13,14,15

-Sanfrancisco art Fair (USA)-2011

-Shanghai International Art fair China - 2011

- Mumbai art fair November 2011

- art fair Hong Kong May 2012

- Bangaluru Art Fair Oct 2012

- Mumbai India Art Festival, Nov 2012

- India Art Fair Solo Show with gallery Art Konsult, New Delhi 2013

-India Art Fair Solo Show in collaboration with gallery Art Konsult and Bargad art and culture New Delhi 2015


Residencies in U.K. Bharat Bhawan Bhopal, Punjab Lalit Kala Akademi three times and Himachal, Shimla annual exhibition of art.

-February 2012 – Honorary D-Lit awarded by Punjabi University Patiala

-2015- Amrita Shergill award Chandigarh Lalit kala akademi


Govt. Museum Chandigarh. NGMA Delhi. Punjab Lalit Kala Akademi Chandigarh. British council Delhi. British, Mexican and Swedish Ambassador residence. Dusseldorf museum. Heda, Sweden. Dabur India. Air tel. Bakshi group. India with art and many industrial groups in India USA, UK and Sweden

Art workshops

India, Malaysia, UK. USA. Sweden, Australia and Turkey, Italy, Japan, Russia, Cambodia, Bhutan. London China ,Africa,etc.

Other activities

Wrote a book 'Neti-Neti'. 15 documentaries on Indian temple Art and Architecture. Designed houses, composed music and translated oriental poetry into Saraiki language.

Detailed studies on mineral and vegetable pigments and their use in contemporary painting. Studies on south Asian and oriental techniques of paintings. Made a short film on cow entitled 'The Decorated Cow'

A documentary film made by a well known Director Mr. K. Bikram Singh entitled a painter Sidharth 'In search of colours' sponsored by PSBT India.

Dated –May2015