Growing up with the thoughts of altruism, idealism and beauty, I joined NIFT, Delhi after high school. I landed with a good product design job at Michael Aram, an award-winning, internationally renowned American Artist who had dedicated his life to craft based design.

My conscious journey as an artist started when I found design world to be too limiting to express my abstract feelings. I developed an itch to express something deeper and meaningful.

Esoteric questions like the purpose of life, truth about existence propelled my mind towards the ideas for my artistic expression. However, it took me a long journey of 2 decades to refine my thoughts and develop the language of expression. My artistic endeavors are assimilation and essence of my outer and inner experiences.

Human mind is mysterious and abstract; something finite cannot quench its thirst. Hence, knowingly and unknowingly it seeks for something transcendental, beyond the world of senses. This quest to know the unknown forms the very basis of my creative endeavor. 

In order to achieve this daunting task, I experiment with the science of aesthetics to establish the link between finite and infinite- in the realm of idea as well as form.

Hence my works are imbued with exoteric yet esoteric sensibilities that seamlessly links ephemeral to eternal.

To me, art is a joyful expression of human soul. I want to create visual poetry that even a common man connects with. Through my works, I want to expand the mental wavelength of people so they can extend the bliss.

I do not want to limit myself to any specific medium or style, lest free express be hindered. For me the medium of creation be as malleable as possible to give form to my creativity. The final material of execution is immaterial as long as the form does its job of invoking sense of freedom and bliss.

P.S.  DivyenduAnandco-founded Studio Renaissance in the year 2017, an NGO working with various artists, supporting and guiding them towards more sublime and meaningful expressions.

Divyendu Anand

Born 1976, Bokaro Steel City, India

Lives and works in Noida, Delhi NCR, India


1995-98 : NIFT Delhi, India – Accessory Design Graduate


Professional Summary   

2018- Present | Founder & Creative Director, Studio Renaissance

Co-founded by Divyendu and his wife, Studio Renaissance is a non-profit initiative striving to

restore art as a medium of social awakening, cultural enlightenment and spiritual transformation.                           

2008-2018 | General Manager, Michael Aram Design India Pvt Ltd, Delhi NCR

Spearheaded the India operation of Michael Aram, a renowned American Tabletop Designer Brand.

1998-2008  | Design & Development, Michael Aram Design India Pvt Ltd, Delhi NCR

Worked directly under Michael Aram, a renowned American Tabletop Designer Brand


Artworks in Private Collection  

KiranNadar : Pear Sculpture and Yin-Yang

Dharampal&Satyapal(Catch Group) : Buddha-The inner journey 

PiaPuri (Punjabi by Nature) : Leaves-the Cosmic Link                      


Exhibitions Participated                                                    

2018 | Group exhibition at India Art Festival, Thyagaraja Stadium, New Delhi

2019 | Solo exhibition at India Art Festival, Thyagaraja Stadium, New Delhi


Art Projects                       

1999- 2018 | Designed & developed range of products & sculptures for FRANKIE DAVIDSON,

An American brand

2018-2019 | FARISHTEY : Ideated and curated 12 paintings for a social project by FERNS N’

PETALS, with a team of 5 artists.

2018-2019 | SHIVA’S CONTRIBUTION TO HUMAN CIVILISATION : Ideated and co-created

sculptures with group of Artists at Studio Renaissance.

1999- 2018 | Developed & executed several Sculptures for MICHAEL ARAM



2015 | Metal Surface Finishing Workshop at MIDAS Surfaces GmbH, GERMANY