Krupa Makhija

19 AUGUST 2016 - 06 SEPTEMBER 2016

‘An Amnesiac's Memory’ by Krupa Makhija 

Preview:  August 19th, 2016 at 7PM 

Press Release 
Art DistrictXIII is pleased to announce the opening of ‘An Amnesiac’s Memory’ by Krupa Makhija.   


Trained as an artist, Krupa’s work includes printmaking and installations. She explains her works as being symbolic representations of her personal experience in regard to culture, language and identity; a practice she describes as ‘Cultural Amnesia’


Krupa’s family migrated from Pakistan during the partition in 1947. She was among the first of the many generations of her family to be born in post- partition India. Stories of the partition, and the experience of her family members greatly impacted her, influences of which can be seen in her work as symbolic representations.

Through her work, she comments on cultural destruction through generations and her own experience as a migrant artist. She endeavours to express the dilemma of people from that era who are seen as ‘outsiders’. These conflicts and complexities are the creative fundamentals of her practice. From burnt canvases to found objects and architectural waste, her work is representative of destruction & nostalgia. Through her practice she is constantly looking back and referencing to relate to and understand the present.

Born in 1983 in North Gujarat, Krupa earned a BFA and an MFA in Painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S. University, Baroda (2005 & 2007). She was the fourth recipient of the Glenfiddich /Bestcollegart Emerging Indian Artist of the Year Award. Krupa currently lives and works in Baroda.


During her residency at the Glenfiddich Distillery she undertook a project where she used local natural material and found objects resonating with cultural and personal associations. She collected old pieces of tiles, plaster, stones and found objects from the remains of abandoned and disused buildings, to which she applied a photo transfer process. Further, she engaged with the local community there by involving them in this project as well.


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