Paul Davies

19 NOVEMBER 2017 - 17 JANUARY 2018

My current body of work looks at the links between my native home in Australia and my adopted home in Los Angeles. In June, I was invited to
present a site-specific installation at the MAK Center for Art and Architecture’s Fitzpatrick-Leland House in Los Angeles... The paintings
from this installation are being exhibited here in Sydney at the Olsen gallery and feature the Fitzpatrick-Leland House. The title of the
paintings is based on Frank Lloyd Wright’s quote ‘Tip the world over on its side and everything loose will land in Los Angeles’. Here he described Los Angeles as a centre-less sprawl of buildings and billboards and to me this idea can be extended to the multitude of searching souls that land in LA from all over the globe.

Like loose objects, Australian gum trees are scattered randomly about Los Angeles and, in a way, are a visual link with Australia. I combined this link with the shared gold rush history between Australia and California that happened at the same time the trees were imported and called the paintings Everything Loose Will Land in LA/Double Golden Gully. Golden Gully is a now abandoned gold mining location in New South Wales and
I added “Double” to refer to the gamble miners took seeking fame and fortune just as the hopefuls do in LA today.