Collective Metamorphosis

NSIC Exhibition Grounds, Okhla Industrial Estate
31 January 2019 - 03 February 2019

Press Release Note

Originating from the Greek words ‘meta’, that is to change; and ‘morphe’ that is to form, metamorphosis is a biological process involving a conspicuous change in a body structure with growth.

Our line-up this year, consists of artists whose work has beautifully grown and transformed over the years to a voice, loud enough to interpellate the world we live in, and question the very complex on which the edifices of capitalism are built. These young artists, once just a harken in their own lands, have gradually grown to become a cry raising an alarm henceforth towards the hunger for artificial desire in which nature and man cannot find their true aspirations reflected. A collective cry for the unscrupulous urbanisation and wedging of all nature’s creations.

The works span a plethora of styles, with colours and monotones, geometrical and asymmetrical lines, the cosmos and the concrete and most significantly a common thread of passion and a uniform burning desire, in their own journey, to showcase a perspective which we all turn a blind eye towards. Works of art are seen as an analogy to works of nature.

The show is also brimming with nostalgia as all artists have been exhibited at Art District XIII in their amorphous stages and are now established names. It fills us with immense pride and pleasure alike to translate their “collective metamorphosis” to the world of art lovers and enthusiasts through this curated trail. To watch our larvae metamorphose and fly into the world as butterflies spreading the message for a better tomorrow.

Selected Work