Aami Atmaja

Aami Atmaja


BFA College of Fine Arts Trivandrum (2002-2007)

MFA Central University of Hyderabad (2007-2009)

Born in Kerala.



I have come to an understanding that Art is the only Road I experience while navigating through the pathlessness of Life. It is my search for the right questions rather than the right answers. It offers me the possibility of having a conversation with myself.

I was always interested in the narrative visual language and religiously believed in storytelling. But when I started telling my own stories I found that these narrative tools were not enough. Dealing directly with my own emotions and experiences has led me to explore the techniques of Physical Theatre and Performance along with a new language of visual abstraction. I come from a family of professional and shamanistic performers.


Though I started practising these art forms in different compartments, at some point they automatically began supporting each other. Being a performer is at the core of my Visual Art practice and the Visual Art allows my Performer a backdoor entry to the world of sensuality.

The work in the show titled 'We are both seen and unseen' is an exploration of the experience of shame in my body and a reminder of the blind spots that blocked my views of a deeper inner self.

'Caught safe' is a gratitude painting, that reminds me of everyone who has helped me to see myself with more clarity.