Compiled by

Bose Krishnamachari


Extremely South attempts to map region as stories and people. It challenges cartogrpahy and the hard classifications of land - into borders and divisions like urban rural - to produce soft, lived histories.


The world is changing faster than we imagined - our lands are depleting with uncertain climates and migration is a common condition. The artists in the exhibition provide ways of making region through acts of remembering, observing and memorialising. A process of keeping land and home in the workings of the mind and the hold of the heart. Here rituals and routines, whispers and rumours challenge majoritarian knowledge and propose a shared heritage held in our everyday. To remember is to resist.


Participating artists:



Helna Merin Joseph

Jalaja P S

Kavitha Balakrishnan

Meera George

Mona Isa

Lakshmi Madhavan

Radha Gomaty

Santhi EN

Smitha GS

Sooraja KS

Sreeja Pallam

Yamini Mohan