A primitive memo app I curiously downloaded into my smartphone in 2018 became a lifesaver by the time 2020 finally crash-landed imprisoning us with the Lockdown after restless seasons of organised hatred.


My already vulnerable world was slowly collapsing inwards like a  poorly-made cake. It wasn't a new sensation. Just that it was no longer that occasional dark masked visitor but one threatening to become a permanent resident….


Christ came... from Calvary to Resurrection, Strange versions of certain saints & both Mariam's.


The Brides of 2018 with their Thorn Tiaras returned as did Longing  Nayikas. Versions of the Lovers glowed against the dark of interminable loneliness. The Deities of the Night yonder, into which beloved ones disappeared without return, took strange form.


Then there are always the evil foolish greedy ignorant cruel

tragi-comic Walking Dead condemned to loop-dance their waltzes of mutual torture & terror forever.


"Why digital drawings and not your good old brush & ink or charcoal  on paper?"


Because increasingly, Art for me is a deft fusion of sight &

touch-Like a Blind woman seeing her Beloved one with her fingers...


The same sense of security and loving response that clay offers me when I sculpt when I drag a tenuous line with 5 thickness options across the screen with my fingers.

A 5 sizes eraser helps me keep a swift pace with the speed of the cancellations and reformations happening on the surface.


Also for an artist without a studio-like me, the phone turns every space into one.


I know I'm on track when the lines turn and begin to surprise and sometimes shock me with their decisions… Like, for instance, Alexa  did when she first appeared, a weird Sci-fi sex slave with her  headless lascivious greedy horrible General in tow screaming away  orgasmically, an unwary moment away from his imminent castration:


“Alexa!!!... Win this War!"


Once I found it in me to own her up without fear or shame, She became my showstopper.





Radha Gomaty