From the time when I started to take Art seriously; I happened to become closer to myself, inspiring me to think deeper about the aspect of the body or physical existence. From then, I try to portray physical and emotional experiences as well as realizations.

In society, knowingly or unknowingly, women when compared to men have to stay more alert to their bodies. As a woman, I felt this was a highly disturbing social meter. Even before mentally preparing a girl to face the world, she is trained or imposed with restrictions prescribed as per the social norm.  When involved with such matters, it’s in fact a battle for one’s existentialism. The truth is that, unfortunately, a woman is destined to do this constantly. Since I prefer standing with the state of ‘body’ in such cases, it-become an obvious subject in my paintings. It drove me to deeply contemplate whether it is a woman’s external biological existence or persona to be valued the most especially in a society or a common gathering.

Even in family relationships, it is trained to be partial on the basis of sex and not on the virtues of personality. For women, the celebratory titles of Women Hood, Motherhood, Virgin and so on have been a hindrance to holding up their own existentialism. Often, a woman will be isolated for leading or trying to lead a life against the general norms of society even if those are absolutely baseless.   I am trying to portray that experience as a female that I received from the outside world.

In the initials days, many of my pictures were in dark green colour on big canvases. ‘Wind Series’ is an example of it. Changes were inevitable with continued practice. Plants and Roots came in as part of it. Hair was highlighted as a sharp symbol. Some objects became the part of such female body depictions as certain daily used stuff like clothes. Along with painting on canvas with acrylic and water on the paper, I also use paints made from banana jute and other natural produces like flowers, leaves, vegetables etc. I’ve also done certain video art as part of my painting exercises. Many objects from Kitchen and other daily use objects become part of the painting inspired by hair.  Also, there are renditions that are inspired by other life situations which include the portrayal of the body as well as self-portraits. As a woman, my paintings are also inspired by the mental and emotional deviations during pregnancy and the menstrual cycle.

The paintings are the strong expressions of body and objects that lay twined and not twined with the body and as part of the body, actions that the body is involved.




Sooraja KS