Since 1989 I chose painting on Canvas as my creative platform to express my passions for the co-beings, protest or react against injustice in the society. So many solo shows and group shows were conducted inside and outside Kerala. Women and earth are always exploited by the thoughtless deeds of society. Through these shows, I hoped to prove what colours can do to point out the current problems faced by the environment and mankind. The mainstream of my paintings is deep-rooted in the sufferings of the women and mother earth. Through my shows, I experienced myself beyond the words I can express my thoughts so effectively by colours than any other medium. Chithralam, Dryland dreams, Mein of burl, Chromatic missives and Visage of the day were the main shows conducted by me in various galleries. My latest series of work is titled 'Dirge of the soil'. Now soil the true face of the Earth is in the vanishing stage. The potential value of the soil is already, almost concreted. Along with this so many saplings and tiny creatures living in the soil are suppressed and buried under the concreted, mechanical surface. As the title indicated the soul of the soil may be lamenting for survival. Much of my paintings are an enquiry into what women are and where there are in modern male-centric society. There are factors such as current family, power structure, and resource ownership that exacerbate poverty and make women miserable. Therefore, the fight for gender justice is important in the fight against poverty. For women who have overcome life's crisis and found places to work, the series 'The women in the working places' is an enquiry into them. These paintings are included in the exhibition Lokame Tharavad, Kochi Muziris Biennale. As an artist, I would like to be always committed to the society and being a well-wisher of the entire mankind and the environment

Sreeja Pallam