Manil Rohit

19 DECEMBER 2015 - 19 JANUARY 2016

Press Release

Art DistrictXIII is pleased to announce the opening of the exhibition “Appetite for Revolution” by ManilRohit.  

'ManilRohit' are a collaborative artist-duo, of brothers, Manil Gupta and Rohit Gupta.  They were raised in Lucknow and moved to Delhi in 1998. The brothers started their collaborative work in 2011.

Their works have been experiments in various media like, paintings, photography, sculpture, installation, design, including converting their own car into the popular Public Art Car project called ‘The Holographic Love Machine’.   They create complex paintings covering multiple styles and subjects.  The use of glowing, metallic colors with specific shaped canvases or shaped plywood boards make their paintings colourful, comic and humours.

With the underlying theme of Carnival / Circus, their latest works are graphic and employ a visually dense comic narrative.  In their new works, they are also experimenting with contextual shapes for canvases, hand-cut into plywood and other materials. 

According to the renowned curator & gallerist Peter Nagy, “This is the art of a new, cosmopolitan India, with a plethora of references both international and indigenous.”

Born in 1978 in Meerut, UP, Manil completed his Bachelor’s degree in Applied Art from College of Art, New Delhi in 2003 and Rohit Gupta born in 1985, Lucknow, UP, completed his BA (Hons) English from Delhi University in 2006.  Their works have been showcased at numerous exhibitions across India and are in the collection of various corporate houses and private collectors.