Krupa Makhija , Yuvan Bothisatuvar , Sumantra Mukherjee | Ritu Sinha, Janarthanan Rudhramoorthy, Kumaresan

25 SEPTEMBER 2015 - 24 OCTOBER 2015

The Emerging Collective

With an aim to support exceptional artists who show the potential to have a global career and art, which can be embraced by both established and upcoming collectors,  ArtdistrictXIII is pleased to open a group show titled ‘The Emerging Collective’ which comprises the best art works of the winners and finalists of the 'Emerging Artists of Year' Glenfiddich/ initiative.  


The collection of the artworks in the exhibition “The Emerging Collective”  is of a generation of mixed ideas, thoughts and practices by young artists. This generation has unique and collective ideas which they depict in their work. Moreover, these works reflects the source of their thoughts and how all these young artists are connected to their roots. 


The works displayed in the exhibition are the experiences of the artists. These experiences are somehow transformed in their works through symbolic representations. The artistic language depicts how cultural destruction travels through generation to generation and how the artist deal with the complexity and conflicts of being an outsider and an insider.


Art District XIII  has conceptualized this exhibition to encourage people to embrace art in a gallery space which is diverse and will show art beyond the ordinary.