Subir Hati

29 JULY 2017 - 30 AUGUST 2017

I had gotten used to the darkness around me, after a while, I could see light in that very darkness, which surrounded me. 
The environment of no hope illuminated the surroundings! 
Melancholy had paved the way for a new beginning; my road had started from a point devoid of light. Whatever you see has emerged from darkness. 
I am inspired by William Blake’s work. His golden words have taken on colour and have become my inspiration. Even though my artworks have emerged from a dialogue with darkness, I feel they are full of colour and hope. To me they are a refuge from uncertainty.
To my mind ash comes from destruction, whether intentional or unintentional, and the Phoenix rises from the ashes. This process is quite similar to the destruction we face in our lives, be it emotional, physical or material. Therefore, I draw inspiration from the concept of rebirth - of the phoenix rising from the ashes.y Ash - The Phoenix Redefined