Sitaram Swain

08 DECEMBER 2018 - 05 JANUARY 2019

The Grey is undefined. It’s a measurement that unfolds many layers of interpretation.‘Grey Areas’ is a culmination of unbound thoughts which walks through different situations and establishes a dialogue between settling and unsettling conditions. It is an expression which shows the various states of existence. The ‘Grey’ itself an ambiguous identity which always tries to change the vision and its powerful presence signifies the tension, discomfort, discolouration and unsettlement. Grey defines uncertainty, anxiety and impermanency which all are very well coordinated with the concept and the medium played the major role to present the subject confidently.

Predominantly the material is used in the whole project is the “Cement” which sensitize the whole aspect from its root. The medium and the works together are veritably together and the medium is the strongest part of the work. The medium “Cement” itself carries the whole narrative of vastly growing urbanisation and usage of concrete in the name of welfare and growth of our society and how it spreading and blocking our views in personal and societal conditions.

The whole process took shape by filtering the memory and relationship, I built in that place with the household objects and how it transformed to a larger social narrative. It is a reflection which talks about the impermanent condition of life, which is fragile by nature but well constructed by measurement of step by step. The whole body of work is also talks about architecture and nature, the co existence of these two aspects are large area of conflict, which need to be concentrated. The human existence in this vastly growing “concrete forest” is the area of my concern throughout this whole project